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Root Beer


Electric Cheetah Root Beer was born from the thirst of The Electric Cheetah’s staff and customers for delicious handcrafted root beer. After years of offering an extensive root beer list from other suppliers, we decided to begin making our own. The first batch was brewed in October 2017. From there, we refined our recipes and flavors to become a full-fledged root beer company. Now our root beer can be found in all of our restaurants and in stores across Grand Rapids. Bottoms up!

An Electric Brew




We’re always coming up with new recipes to make you say, “Wow, that’s a good root beer!” With natural ingredients and painstaking attention to detail, our brews don’t go out into the world until we’re over the moon with them. Below are a few of the flavors we’ve created so far.

Electric Cheetah Nitro Root Beer

A classic spice combination. Subtle pepper, vanilla, cinnamon, oat, dark roasted malt, molasses, roots, and barks make this a perfectly balanced American beverage experience. It’s dark, full flavored and creamy.

Kodiak Root Beer

It’s a Big Bottom Bear’s Delight! Rich and spicy with red birch and wintergreen and somehow maintains a smoothness only a Big Bottom Bear could deliver!

Hairy Pawter Butterbrew

Golden and sweet this wheat ale is. Buttery, creamy and spicy. Butterscotch, cardamom, and ginger create a unique beverage to toast your fellow hairy pawed and spotted friends!

Sweet Ginger Brown

This brown ale style ginger brew is a Classic upside down fan kind of move by the King! Sweet Ginger Brown!

Gol! Butterscotch Root Beer

Gol! What West Michigan Christians use as an expletive. Buttery and sweet.

Mayor Goldie Wilson

Most likely the only vanilla cream soda out there made very simply and pure. Actual vanilla, fresh squeezed real lemon juice, toasted malt, organic cane sugar and filtered water. Simple and delicious.

Uncle Cheetah’s Sasparilla

Front porch, back woods, heckling the locals, cinniamon, anise, black pepper and molasses from your inappropriate Drunk Uncle!

Cafe Cheetah

Rich espresso combined with our classic root beer. Frothy. Plus it is very caffeinated making all who drink it electrified!

 Root Beer Bar

The custom-made Electric Cheetah Root Beer Bar debuted in June 2019. Serving up tasty drafts and creamy floats made with Country Dairy vanilla bean simply natural ice cream. Ready for a one-of-a-kind bar at your next event? Contact us!